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Get Tetra 4D Reader from App Store for your android device and enjoy reading all kinds of files from one device.Government fails to act on dozens of burning children’s homes that risk causing casualties and disruption as temperatures soar in Pakistan.

Peshawar, Pakistan – Nearly a week after more than 100 people died in a fire at the children’s home run by the Quranic school Ashiana, only one girl out of the nearly 400 children rescued from the blaze is home.

Another 150 people have been rescued from the flames, with more than 100 still missing.

As the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on Tuesday, many of those taken in by the Ashiana home, which was filled with wards from just about all of Pakistan’s cities, are in dire need of basic necessities like food, drink and care.

The blaze broke out on June 19 at the heavily-built and crowded children’s home near the historic Hayat Baksh Shaheed compound, where more than 1,000 children live.

Since then, the government has failed to act on what officials called a “major incident” that could have left hundreds of children in the care of unqualified managers.

“Government officials told us that it was not a criminal case,” said Abdul Sattar, caretaker of the blaze, who has been unable to go home to his family for nearly two months.

“Why didn’t the government help us?

“Many children have been crying and asking, ‘Why has the government abandoned us?’ They told us that if God did not help us, we would be left on our own to struggle.”


‘They had so much to do’

The children’s home was authorised by the state in 2008 to provide shelter and education to children from vulnerable families.

Former caretakers said that government officials gave the Ashiana home only minimal support and that their managers turned the home into a makeshift hospital where they treated children without training or sufficient equipment.

The blaze killed nine children and injured more than 30 others, while causing the damage of hundreds of square metres.

When the fire broke out, President Mamnoon Hussain


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