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how to build a shell script with vim?

I would like to have file which basically does:
sleep 10
echo hello

It would be cool if I could open this file in Vim. I could do something like this:

This works, but the is not viewed with Vim.
The question is: How can I make Vim view file?


You can use :source [scriptname].sh to source the script and view it with Vim.


To open the script edit-mode with vim:
:e /path/to/

to exit vim:


The other answers are fine, but I find the way to do it a little more convenient. I prefer to use the fc command to open my shell scripts.
fc ~/projects/shellscripts/

Then you can either use the Vim text editor with:
:e ~/projects/shellscripts/

Or use Vim’s built-in mapping support:
:nmap :e ~/projects/shellscripts/

which maps F2 to execute the script. Then you can exit Vim using:

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