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1 via license server: (available, updated in 20170621). The company was founded in 1992 and bought by Gemini Corporation in 2004.
Gemini has gained notoriety since the development and launch of its mobile phone, the Gemphone. This model was designed to win the minds and hearts of its subscribers and consumers, was equipped with a touchpad combined with the keyboard. In 2002, the company announced the second generation of smartphones, Gemontec. She integrated a telephone keypad with a touchscreen, support for microSD memory cards appeared. It was the first smartphone with this type of touch, as well as the first phone with a wide color gamut for phones of this type. In 2008, Gemmontec released the GemPhone. It featured an even wider, more functional screen, and its price was higher than other models on the market. Its cost at the same time did not fall below $240. Many appreciated the novelty, especially the youth audience, and all subsequent models of Gemfree phones were also released under this brand. In 2011, the company begins to expand its lineup and releases Gemabox and Gemlink, which combine the functions of a phone, tablet, and a touch screen that supports multi-touch technology. This expands the possibility of using the phone as a personal computer. The company acquires a franchise to sell accessories and gadgets, for example, in 2012, Samsung’s Gardian began selling accessories for the Android operating system.
Oakley Venturer, unlike many other brands, does not use the Iphone and iPad. Instead, Oakley offers a similar wearable laptop that runs on Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, or Android operating systems.



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