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About UsPressCopyrightContact UsCreatorsAdvertisementDevelopersTermsPrivacy Policy SafetyHow YouTube.comWhy is Futubra the way it is?1Reason: It’s not just a YouTube version of The Box
Why Futupra is such, as it is:
1. This is not just YouTube version of The BOX
This is a completely dedicated Futurra news channel (as opposed to a RSS feed) that, as a first step, is delivering news updates as part of the mainstream YouTuber network, and what is very likely to happen soon will be that these updates will be shared between our YouTube channels.
2. This means that Futurora is the first YouTube channel to completely cover FutuRa content in one place. As explained above, that means there will be no loss to sidebars which were integrated with the main stream to give viewers the ability to keep up with the latest updates.
3. This also means that we will be able to focus the resources of all our editorial teams on the main Futura banner in order to ensure that most of our Twitter feeds and social networks are only focused on the Futurery front page, making it possible to communicate more broadly with our community.
4. This allows us to broaden our audience base and those who could not initially get to the FutureRa site due to what seems a lack of accessibility, and we hope this will make it easier for them to become part of our community as well.
5. As always, Futrura will be only targeted towards the 3 to 5% of the population who are most likely to see or watch the main YouTube channel as the best source of news about it.
6. We look forward to working with our viewers and contributors to bring this new platform to more people as quickly as possible.
7. Together, we’re going to be able to be a powerful force in the DIY scene!
Big thanks to all our viewer and contributor base and contribute to the growth of the event.
We are optimistic that the vast majority of our audience will be part of this community as soon as we get to this point. The small fraction of the FUTURUR community who have been side



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