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Badmash Company Movie Download 40


Films such as The Wolf of Wall Street, The Badmaash Company.n ` 1000 per month for unemployed youth in the 25-40 age group.
Collection for the creation of the Lenin Museum in New York in the amount of $8 million.
It is possible to estimate the volume of the world’s shadow capital in the state of 1 trillion. dollars, which occupies over 50% of world capital.
Unfortunately, in Russia, a country with a vast territory, shadow capital has not yet reached such a level. According to experts, no more than 30% of citizens have an income above the subsistence level.
While more than 30% of the inhabitants of Russia have an income of over $500 per month (in 2013).
In addition, the Russian shadow business represents more than 2,600 types of economic activity that are not taken into account by official statistics.
The level of the shadow economy in Russia is 5 times higher than in developed countries.This is mainly due to the fact that in our country all indicators of official reporting are carried out exclusively for the Western audience, and the reports of the same Rosstat do not reflect the shadow sector of the economy.
Official statistics show only the dynamics of GDP, but this is mainly a rise in prices, and not the structure of the economy as a whole. In the country, as a result of targeted actions, the real sector of the economy was almost completely destroyed, and it was replaced by various intermediary structures and tens of thousands of private firms selling everything that is sold. But in reality, thanks to the confusion in state regulation, mainly manufacturers and producers of goods, services and raw materials are forced to work in the shadows.
And here the official statistics, albeit formally, reflect an “active” economy. And nothing, except for the exception of the percentage of shadow incomes of the population, official statistics can not change.
The formation of the global shadow capitalist economy contributes to a variety of processes in world politics, economics, and culture. Because different segments of the population cannot be “tied” to any country (for example, to Germany), and in some specialties they can work anywhere.
It is known that British intelligence carried out two large-scale operations to artificially limit the growth in the number of Germans in European countries. One operation was aimed at reducing their production in the economically weak, and the second was to enable British companies to produce goods from Germany without any damage to this state.
Our actions (and quite consciously) support the American political and economic system based on colonial conquest and domination, as well as on the close economic ties that are emerging between the US and Russia.
Not coincidentally, after the abolition of privileges for the CCC



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