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BDLCAM application was designed to help you control various video conferencing cameras and other USB/serial devices either locally or via the web.
The current public version does not stream the video, but there several programs available that take care of that. All the cameras/devices supported are controlled via serial/rs232, so you will need a computer with an available serial port and the required cable to connect from the computer to the camera.
A USB to serial adapter can also be used where no serial ports are available. In the supported devices section I have included pinouts for anyone wanting to make their own cable, alternatively ebay is a good source for these cables.
Here are some key features of “BDLCAM”:
■ Built in Web Server – Use BDLCAM as a simple Web Server
■ Local Control – Control the camera from the local control panel in addition to the Web controls
■ Goto Preset – Return the camera to a preset position after a configurable period of inactivity
■ Focus Saver – After a configurable period of time the focus can be set to manual, when the next command is received the focus is set back to auto
■ Limit Access – Allow only one person at a time to control the camera for a configurable period of time
■ Basic Security – Restrict access to the web based camera control using username and password
■ System Tray Option – Allows program to me minimized to the system tray
■ Admin Function – Ability to restrict defined commands from general users/viewers
■ video cameras or other webcam USB/serial devices







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■ Everything is preconfigured for you to use.
■ Automatic Startup and Quit.
■ Automatic Radio Status Display.
■ Server/Control Panel/Web Display Page allows user to view a camera from their local or remote web browser
■ Admin Menu: limit camera control, enable web server, set user/password
■ Admin Function: optional, allow admin to restrict camera control
■ Support for Any Web browser & OS
■ Both direct web browser control and a control panel control are available
■ Web Control Panel is much better: faster, no need to download a plugin
■ Current user controls/sends can be viewed by the Admin menu
■ Admin Menu makes the app easy to launch and stop from the taskbar tray.
■ User controls can be restricted by the admins in the admin menu.
■ Simple, easy to use control panel
■ Many different video cameras are supported, some of the most common
■ Very easy to work with for the average user
■ Very easy to set up and use without being expert.
■ Supports GPS for picture-taking
■ Support for TRENDnet MaxRange
■ Security: Admin can restrict control to 1 person at a time. No need to have a unique username or password to control the cameras.
■ Admin can restrict whether or not the web control panel is displayed when the app is started. If the Admin disables the web control panel, the app will look for admin username/password.
■ Admin can choose to send a disabled or enabled message to the Web control panel with status of the camera.
■ Admin can choose to send any message to the Web control panel. This includes which cameras are selected, manual focus, and auto focus.
Admin Menu:
■ Admin menu will be displayed on the web control panel
■ Admin menu is simply displayed when trying to use the webcam with incorrect login information
■ Selecting the user, password, or optional messages will only take effect once.
■ Selecting the user, password, or optional messages will only take effect once.
■ Admin menu can be displayed with start or stop buttons:
■ To have the option to start and stop the app every time the user logs into the admin menu

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■ Basic Web Control Panel for video cameras and other USB/serial devices
■ Web based control panel can be used from any web browser without the need of downloading any software
■ Built in web server allows easy control of the camera over the web
■ Local Control Panel for camera support. Local control of the camera is available in addition to Web control
■ Ability to return to preset position when no user activity is detected for a configurable period of inactivity
■ Built in Admin Option allows one to restrict defined settings within the Web control panel
■ Basic Security allows one to restrict defined settings from users
■ System Tray Option allows one to have program minimize to system tray
■ Control Panel can be located where it is not easy to view
■ Basic Security allows program to be secured from unauthorized access
■ Admin Function allows one to set options that are only available to the Administrators
■ Basic Security allows one to restrict default settings from general users
■ Basic Security allows one to restrict default settings from users without admin credentials
5.0 Beta (3/20/2011)
■ Camera Orientation – Allows the camera to be set to a specified orientation
■ Picture Mode – Change the picture mode of the camera (normal,640×480,1280×720,1440×960,1680×1050,1920×1080)
■ Focus – Allows the camera to be set to auto, manual, manual auto
■ Web Access – Allows BDLCAM For Windows 10 Crack to be accessed from the web. Once the user is logged in the camera settings from the local control panel become available on the web
■ Advanced User Features – Requires the addition of the Web server to BDLCAM. This allows for the admin to set the required options
■ Selective Admin – Allows the camera to be restricted from general users based upon an username and password.
■ System Tray Option – Allows program to be minimized to the system tray
■ Update to 2.2 – Allows for Image Sensor Setup on CW50 cameras. This is required when controlling CW50 cameras
■ Update to 4.1 – Allows for Add Ons to be added into the program. These Add Ons support motion detection
■ Fixes Updated to 2.

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The BDLCAM control panel is designed for easy and convenient camera control. It does not require a computer and supports most webcam models. You can run the control panel on any windows machine.
Typically the webcam’s serial number is found on a label on the webcam. The camera serial number is usually found on the bottom of the body of the webcam or in a label on the lens. If you are having trouble finding the serial number, you can contact the manufacturer for more information.
When the camera is connected to your computer, the first thing you need to do is open BDLCAM. Click on “Scan Devices” from the Menu Bar and then click “CAM List” to list all the available USB/serial devices.
From the list, click on the device you are interested in, and then click “Select” to set the cam to the selected mode.
Once you are done selecting the settings for the camera, click “Import” and you are done. The camera will now be set up and ready to use.Free Online Holistic Health Database

by Janet

Hi…I have just found this site. I am a third year Registered nurse who has been involved in various holistic health therapies for years, but having been recently diagnosed with MS and unable to work for a long time, I decided to take up Holistics again. I am trying to see if I can find any reputable online Holistic Database’s for my own information and to continue my education and research. I am overwhelmed by the number of sites I have found, and frankly, I am surprised anyone is out there to help!! I am just wondering, “Is there anything out there, really, that is reputable and free, for a 2nd or even 3rd year nurse to use?” There is a lot of good info out there, but most of it is not free and I don’t have a computer nor time to wade through the mush, so I would appreciate your suggestions.


Thanks for your suggestion. I have just started exploring the endless number of sites out there and am having a lot of problems choosing the ones that are most credible and helpful. Everyone here seems to have a “pro” and a “con” for everything, and nothing is free. I have not found anything that is completely free, with a lot of good material, and with reasonable criticism of the material. I am trying to make sense of all the information so I can go on my own with

What’s New In?

1) Look up the supported devices in the device section below.
2) Search to find the software versions and devices supported.
The more documentation a device has the better it is supported.
3) Remember that the “serial” commands are activated via the serial port. So to control the device, it must be connected to a computer that has an available serial port. On Windows, you can either have a serial port be assigned as a “real” serial port so that the device gets printed on the Windows console and is ready to control and use. You can also leave it as a basic “analog” port that is not assigned to anything at all. This method is the simplest and can be done by following the following steps:
* Boot the computer.
* On boot, press the delete key repeatedly to enter “setup”.
* Select “control panel”.
* When the control panel screen appears, look for the “sound and video” section of the control panel.
* The “Setup…” button will be in that section.
* Click the “Setup…” button.
* In the “Setup…” screen that will appear. Click the “change control panel control”.
* This brings up a list of all windows programs, select the control panel.
* In the “Control Panel” list click the “Add or Remove Hardware” button.
* The “Add or Remove Hardware” screen will appear.
* Click the “Add” button.
* A “New Hardware Wizard” will appear.
* Click the “Next” button.
* Select “Serial” in the Hardware Type drop down menu.
* Select the serial port you would like to use.
* Click the “Next” button.
* You will be asked if you would like to install the “Com port” and “sound Card” drivers.
* Click the “Next” button.
* You will be asked if you want to use the serial port.
* Click the “Install Now” button.
* The “Com port driver” and “sound card” will install automatically after a short delay.
Once the serial device has been installed it can be used as normal.
Now that the device is setup, you can install the application.
4) Search for the latest version of the software.
5) Download the latest version of the software and unzip it.
6) Click on

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
Processor: Intel P4/AMD X2/Intel Core 2 Duo/Intel Core i3/AMD A6-3650 APU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3400/AMD HD 4000
Screen Resolution: 1024×768
Internet Connection: Broadband Internet connection
If the requirements aren’t fulfilled, it means that you don’t have the resources to run this game smoothly, so you can’t play the game

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