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Deep Paint 3d Crack

Deep Paint 3d Crack


Deep Paint 3d Crack

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I know for a fact the paint on the guard rail was still soft. The next day the guard rail was ripped out and sent back to the store. There company responded to my situation in the next day. They sent me a new guard rail and paint and the had to use 2 people to do it. I think a lot of times the paint on the walls is not deep enough and comes off in a bad way. The paint on the guard rail was a little older than the other paint they use in their stores. The top of the railing I replaced was broken.

The guard rail was probably cracked when I was done with it. I did not feel like I needed to take it back to the paint store and use the paint that they had and did not feel like paying for an extra person to do it. If I was to try this again I would probably take it to a paint store and explain what I wanted a guard rail done. If they had a similar paint they could use I would make sure they would price it out for me before I did. The painting process was the most fun I have had while painting the house.
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