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FileStream Secure Disk Crack Free

File security is a major concern for anyone who wants their personal or important information hidden from prying eyes. FileStream Secure Disk is a crafty piece of software that can help you attain a high level of security for your private files, by creating an encrypted safe for them.
Reliable encrypted vault creator
The application allows you to build a secure safe on your computer or on a floppy disk drive, in which you can encrypt your sensitive data. Access to this vault is done using login credentials, meaning that anyone that does not know them cannot access your information. Furthermore, you can use a different encryption algorithm for your vault by choosing either AES or Blowfish, each with its advantages and vulnerabilities, although being some of the most secure cyphers nowadays.
On top of that, you can specify the size of each created secure disk, optimizing it for what you are going to store in it. For example, you can make a small disk for documents, then a larger one for music or images, as these tend to occupy more space.
Flexible vault editor
FileStream Secure Disk provides you with the tools required to edit each created encrypted safe in just a couple of seconds. This way, you can alter your username or password required at login, in case these have been compromised.
You can even change the encryption algorithm of the safe, if you consider that the original one does not comply with your security standards.
An overall powerful vault generator
To conclude, FileStream Secure Disk is ideal for creating encrypted and password protected drives for your private files. The application is versatile enough to store these secure drives on your hard disk or portable flash devices, and it could be further improved by adding more methods of encryption.


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FileStream Secure Disk Crack Free Download [Mac/Win]

Would you like to hide your private files from prying eyes? Download FileStream Secure Disk and start creating your very own encrypted safe for your private data. There are many different ways to do this, but FileStream Secure Disk offers you a simple, yet very effective and secure method. This software will work on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Create a secure safe for your files
In this encrypted file safe application, you can create and protect a partition on your hard disk drive or a USB device. In order to do this, you have to open the application, specify the size of the partition, and then edit some settings. To do this, simply select the type of partition you wish to create, enter the size of the disks and then select the algorithm you would like to use. Once you have finished editing the settings, create the secure partition and set a password that will allow you access to it when you want. You can do this for each partition that you want, but you should also specify the amount of disks for each one. Depending on the settings that you have set, the available space will be different.
Create your own simple password for your partition
Once you have created the partition, you can start encrypting your files using the built-in password. If you forget your password, you can easily get it back and use it to make a new one for each disk.
Change your passwords as you like
Once you have a password, you can change it whenever you want, by just selecting it and modifying the settings. You can also add more passwords for each disk, if you want.
Read and change your settings
The application includes a very simple settings panel that allows you to view the settings of your encrypted disks. By accessing this panel, you can view your passwords, change them and copy the existing settings to a backup disk. The program also allows you to make one-time back-ups of your data and access them anytime you want.
The application is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP. It can be used to create a secure partition for you files, although it is possible to use it to create a safe for your data that can also be used for documents. Also, the software has the option to make your disks password protected, so that no one can even read them with an application like WinZip or WinZip Password Recovery.
The application allows you to choose between two different algorithms for creating your disks, so you can select one that complies with

FileStream Secure Disk

FileStream Secure Disk For Windows 10 Crack is a powerful file vault creator, which allows you to save all your digital data as encrypted disks.
— Make a safe disk by choosing from standard and advanced settings.
— Use unique encryption password.
— Specify disk size.
— Dynamically create safe disk on-the-fly.
— Use different encryption algorithm for safe disk.
— View information and edit safe data.
— Compatible with Microsoft Windows.

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FileStream Secure Disk (Latest)

FileStream Secure Disk is a convenient product which allows you to make a secure disk, encrypt the content and store it inside it. It works with an easy-to-use wizard-like interface, and offers the possibility to store documents, music, movies, photos, and many more on the secure disk. You can even make a safe drive on a removable hard disk, if you want to transfer all your private information between computers.
FileStream Secure Disk Features:
– Create a password protected secure disk for storing documents, music, photos or any other files
– Encrypt and store your password protected disk, hiding it inside your personal computer
– Password protected Vault mode
– Special disk drivers for removable hard disks (to be used on Windows XP, Vista or 7)
– Use the VBA programming language to create your own secure disk drivers
– User-friendly interface
– Tools for modifying your encrypted safe, the default passwords or the data to be protected
What is new in this release:
– Added a new vault encryption algorithm: AES
Requirements Windows:
Minimum: Windows XP Service Pack 3
Setup size: 56.8mb

FileStream Secure Disk is an easy-to-use program that allows you to make a password protected computer drive for protecting your computer files. It offers you the possibility to open and edit your secure disks without risking to lose your files. It’s compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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What’s New in the?

FileStream Secure Disk is an extremely useful, yet simple yet powerful application that allows you to create a secure safe. It stores your sensitive information in an encrypted data vault, with the ability to hold multiple disks, for different files. Files can be secured at login time with a username and password combination, or even using a custom encryption key. Disk size and security can be easily managed to create your individual safe.
Advanced encryption algorithms
FileStream Secure Disk allows you to choose from among two encryption algorithms: AES (used by Apple in their mobile devices) and Blowfish (used in Norton AntiVirus). Using this application, you can create a secure disk for your personal files, or different types of disks, for music, videos, photos, emails, etc. Key features of FileStream Secure Disk
• AES or Blowfish encryption
• Password protection
• Secured storage on disk
• File Manager
• USB and CD/DVD drive integration
• Read and write access to files
• Disk size selection
• Password changing
• Support for current Windows versions
• Support for 32 and 64 bit systems
• Support for portable drives, such as flash drives and hard disks
• Support for multiple logins
• Support for multiple users
• Full compatibility with all existing USB and CD/DVD drives
• Support for passwords up to 64 characters long
FileStream Secure Disk…Key features of FileStream Secure Disk
• Easy to use
• Quick to set up
• Supports multiple logins
• Uses the most secure encryption algorithms
• Safe for your personal files
• Flexible vault editor
• Windows XP or above
•.NET Framework
If you like our software, please buy a license:

FileStream Secure Disk is a handy program that allows you to create a simple yet secure data vault, for your sensitive files. The program allows you to encrypt your sensitive files on your computer or USB keys, using two of the most secure cyphers in the world today.
Install FileStream Secure Disk for free
The application comes with a very simple installation procedure and it allows you to protect any kind of files that you store in your PC. Files can be secured at any time, using a password, allowing you to access your files whenever you want.
Password protected files
The application enables you to secure your sensitive files using strong encryption algorithms, so you can rest assured

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon™ 2.6 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 10 GB available space
Video Card: 1GB dedicated
Game System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
Hard Disk: 10 GB available space

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