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this is an application written specifically to modify the contents of the ECU memory. In order not to get bored at a power plant with a default mode of operation, as a result of which fuel consumption is carried out due to the most powerful, albeit inefficient turbines, the programmers decided to conduct a small gameplay comparison of existing applications of similar products. All versions offered as a reference were rather modest in volume (R3647), but at the same time they made it possible to install the maximum possible number of software modules, and in particular, the ability to change and expand the list of functions of a regular on-board computer, on-board diagnostics and engine control modules. It was decided to conduct a gameplay attack on an SUV, fully loaded with the most necessary equipment. Other than that, just like any other car.
The new development of German engineers is noticeably different from all the others. Instead of a standard standard mechanism that would not give the automation the commands necessary to maintain the battery charge for a long time, it was decided to offer a certain model that, with a certain modification and modification, could independently “click the toggle switch”, thanks to which the computer received a certain command. Moreover, the impact on a specialized memory module does not have to be local; through a specialized ECU connector, you can modify not only standard processors, but also a “clean” ECU as well.
To conduct the demonstration, the developers equipped their experimental sample with a special electronic circuit that allows you to process and process information, get an instant response in the form of an audio signal, and also control all electrical systems if they were turned off.
During the experiment, four generators were involved, each of which had its own characteristics and features.
The first launch showed that the regular generator from standard equipment copes well enough with the task assigned to it. Its modular principle is quite economical, thanks to which the load reaches a maximum of 30%. The tandem of the power plant and the standard engine showed its effectiveness – the power consumption was about 370 watts.
The second generator received a special switching circuit for transporting a large amount of gasoline, with a volume exceeding the standard capacity of the fuel tank.
The tandems of generators were set up so that each of them continued to generate current when the motor was turned off. For one of the generators, this was possible thanks to a special battery that was discharged during acceleration and was inside. Both were connected directly to the ECU, and their electrical circuit was combined through specialized connectors. In this way, it was possible to increase the size of the plates, and in the case of two generators,



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