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Hronos is a time tracking application. It is designed to help you track time spent on a computer. You will not have to bother with keeping an eye on all the different processes on your computer. Hronos will do this for you. Its graphical interface allows you to keep an eye on the time you spend on your computer from the system tray.
You can also work from within applications, so you can work faster. And you can set reminders for tasks. Hronos lets you keep track of how much time you spent in the applications you are currently using. And you can set a reminder for the tasks you perform most frequently.
Hronos Features:
* Scheduled and manual reminders.
* Date and time of tasks.
* Keyboard shortcuts for tasks.
* Jump between tasks and between windows.
* Various different time templates.
* Printing and exporting of reports.
* Export of the data in comma-separated values (CSV) format.
* Menu bar and start menu.
* You can also add a label for each task, and change the label name.
* Support for Windows XP and later.
* Windows 98 and later.
* Several languages available: English, Spanish, French, German and Brazilian Portuguese.

In the end of the process you will see the average working time for each application.
One interesting feature of the application is the export function that you can use to export the CSV data.

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If you think that you are wasting too much time on your PC and you wish to find a more effective solution for managing your PC activities and boost your productivity, then you can use Hronos Pro. This new tool allows you to get an instant overview of the time spent on a certain application, document, or process, which is very convenient. Use the interface of the program to quickly move through all the applications in which you have been working. The program allows you to customize which tasks are displayed in the list, and you can also add new applications or processes to the list. The application not only informs you when a certain task or application is being performed, but also allows you to jump directly to the tasks or windows you are

Hronos [32|64bit]

KeyMacro offers a unique feature set to help you quickly organize your work. Instead of manually typing special characters, KeyMacro generates them from keyboard shortcuts. KeyMacro’s “Auto-replace” function automatically replaces certain text patterns with other text.
Uninstall instructions

Wise Registry Cleaner
Download Wise Registry Cleaner. When you download Wise Registry Cleaner, you agree to the following terms:
Free trial
Download: 9 MB (v. 0.5.4)
When you download Wise Registry Cleaner, you agree to the following terms:
Free trial
Use Wise Registry Cleaner and you agree to the following terms:
Wise Registry Cleaner is an add-on for Microsoft Windows.
# Maintenance
[*] Select “Check for updates.”
[*] Once updated, click OK to install the program.
[*] After installing Wise Registry Cleaner, you will have to restart your computer in order for the program to take effect.
[*] When you click the option to launch Wise Registry Cleaner, it will take a few seconds to load. The program can be quite large, so your computer may take a bit longer to load.
[*] After you launch Wise Registry Cleaner, you will see the “Maintenance” window. Click “Start maintenance” to begin.
Before you start Wise Registry Cleaner, be sure to back up your files and data. You may also want to transfer your files to an external hard drive or DVD in case Wise Registry Cleaner fails to make any necessary changes.
Check for updates
[*] Click “Check for updates.”
[*] If the update information window says “No updates available,” you are good to go.
[*] From the main window, click “Uninstall.”
[*] Click “OK.”
Wise Registry Cleaner – 3 Tips to Keep Your Windows Registry Free and Healthy
When you use your computer, you can unintentionally add junk to your computer registry. Windows Registry is the place where all the files and documents of your computer are stored. The registry also stores the instructions or data for your programs and other computer system settings. When your computer has a corrupted registry, you may experience errors, slow response, program crashes, and other problems.
Follow these 3 simple steps to keep your Windows registry as clean

Hronos (Updated 2022)

You have been spending too much time at the computer. You know it, you feel it and you hate it. But who is actually to blame? Maybe not you. After all, you didn’t ask for it.
Hronos is an easy-to-use and smart application that tracks time spent at your PC. Hronos tracks all the applications with which you have worked and all the documents in these applications. The program minimizes to the system tray and “spies” on you from there.

You can access the application via the system tray icon. Hronos constantly watches your work, your home and your leisure time. You can view your time consumption by day, week or month in hours and minutes.
Hronos is not a time-logger. Hronos is a productivity and time-saving tool. Hronos minimizes to the system tray and “spies” on you from there. Hronos listens and collects data about you and your work. It then reveals you how much time you have spent on your PC and where you have spent it.

Hronos offers you a tool for a more focused life. Enjoy your free time. Forget about work. Hronos will take care of everything else.

The following versions of the Hronos software are currently available.
Hronos User Manual v1.0

Languages : English

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Nick N.

Doesn’t work, but from what I can see it works fine on Windows 7.

Richard S.

Excellent app! Love it

User reviews

Nick N. March 16, 2018

Doesn’t work, but from what I can see it works fine on Windows 7.

Time-tracking software that doesn’t track my time

I work on a construction site and as such I spend a lot of time working out in the sun during the day. So this time-tracking software could be great for me because I wouldn’t have to worry about logging my hours. However, unfortunately this application doesn’t actually count down the time I spent at the computer (I work away from home on a remote site). So when I go home and look at the

What’s New in the Hronos?

Hronos is an easy-to-use and smart application that tracks time spent at your PC. Hronos tracks all the applications with which you have worked and all the documents in these applications. The program minimizes to the system tray and “spies” on you from there.

time tracker, idle time monitor, productive time, time counter, stopwatch, idle time monitor


Contrary to an assertion by Professor Jonathan Kay, Liberal candidate Robert Thibault’s “faith” has no specific religious content. On the contrary, it is his Catholic faith in the teachings of the Catholic Church and his sympathy for the poor that is apparent in his politics and runs through his whole program.

Today, in the Victoria press, there were comments that Mr. Thibault is talking about ideas that are not part of Liberal values. But look at what Mr. Thibault has said about the Catholic Church and what he is about. He is about faith and values – and, specifically, about faith and values concerning the poor and the hungry.

No doubt the commentary on Mr. Thibault will be about ideas not part of Liberal values. But to suggest Mr. Thibault is a religious zealot is to misunderstand his entire point of view.

Jonathan Kay is a frequent columnist for the Vancouver Sun, host of CBC’s The Kaycast radio program, and professor of journalism at Ryerson University.

British Columbia election poll by Angus Reid. Additional interviews conducted by Conservative challenger for the Liberal party of Canada seat in the Vancouver-Burrard riding, Robert Thibault. …Full pdf document

Please notice the most important issue on this news. There is a comparison between the candidates. And the reality is that it is a comparison between the platforms of Mr. Thibault and Mr. Hiebert.

Robert Thibault is the only candidate to show that he believes in the Catholic Church and the poor. He is a Christian. He is not a Liberal. In other words, he believes in the Catholic Church and the poor.

Mr. Thibault has the courage to hold his beliefs, and for that Mr. Kay should be proud of him.

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Jean-François Mercier is the founder of the Jean-François Mercier’s Original Newspaper, which he started in Quebec City, Canada on February 4, 2010. Besides being a seasoned journalist, Jean-François is a lawyer with a focus on litigation, estate planning, constitutional law and health law.
He has practised both at the National and Quebec levels and is a former Senior Counsel and Solicitor of the Board of Directors of the Law Society of Québec.
The Jean-Fran

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Vista or XP 64-bit
CPU: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Disk Space: 5 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon HD 2600 Series or better
DirectX: Version 9.0
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible sound card (e.g., an onboard card)
Memory: 4

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