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ISpring Suite Crack With License Code Free PC/Windows

iSpring Suite Powerpoint Add-on improves PowerPoint presentations by adding media files, narration, as well as creating quizzes and interactive 3D books. You can also record voices, video presentations or add Flash or YouTube content to your slides. iSpring Suite Powerpoint Add-on is a powerful PowerPoint add-on that enables you to make your PowerPoint presentations come alive by adding media files, narration, as well as creating quizzes and interactive 3D books.
iSpring Suite Description:
iSpring Suite is a PowePoint add-on that brings a bundle of new functions designed to make your presentation more appealing and more interactive. It can help you create dynamic quizzes, interactive electronic book designs, as well as directories, FAQ pages and Timeline structures.
You may add media to your presentation, such as audio notes designated to each slide, video presentations, or record a narration, depending on the length of each slide. You can manage your slides, by mentioning their duration, their type – quiz or interaction. Moreover, the comprehensive resource management dashboard allows you to visualize and monitor all the slides, files or elements.
Create quizzes, record narrations
Aside from the comprehensive tools it adds to PowerPoint, iSpring Suite is also a stand alone tool which allows you to create complex quizzes, with customizable layout, color schemes, images or question stacks.
The evaluation method is highly flexible, since you may set the number of tries for each question, as well as an advanced system of awarding points for a correct answer or decreasing the grade for each wrong one. A quiz can contain multiple types of questions or question groups, such as yes-or-no, pick one, short answer, fill in the blank, multiple choice or essay type.
Books, characters and Flash content in your presentation
The software enables you to create a presentation as a 3D book, with animated pages and customizable covers. You can insert text to each page, as well as images or characters. The assistant characters can be chosen from a vast library of people in realistic photos or cartoons. You can choose between several male and female characters that point to a certain title or who congratulate you when winning a quiz.
The software also supports inserting objects such as YouTube content, embedded in your presentation, or Flash videos that you can import from your computer. All the interactive content you create can easily be deployed as a Flash, HTML5 or executable file, on various platforms. You may create courses, quizzes or 3D books for the Web, for mobile

ISpring Suite With Product Key Free

Create interactive 3D books with PowerPoint, or create books of any other type.
Add animations, interactive content, pictures and print a book using interactive shapes and preset themes.
Create digital books, with photos and text.
Add motion to PowerPoint animations and slide transitions.
Create a book with pre-defined themes that you can edit, customize and save.
Add external pictures and video content to PowerPoint.
Create quizzes and interactive books for free.
Upload your presentation, mix with the themes or create new designs.
Create interactive quizzes in minutes.
Create interactive 3D slide tools or customize existing slide titles.
Create free quiz and interactive slide tools that you can save and reuse.
Launch a presentation as an interactive slide book.
Add and manage fonts, styles, transitions and themes.
Manage fonts, styles, colors, transitions and themes.
Manage the shapes and text.
Add and manage colors, fonts, backgrounds, colors, shapes, transitions and themes.
Insert Flash movies and video files from your computer.
Create Flash slideshows.
Create Flash presentations.
Create interactive flash slideshows.
Create interactive flash presentations.
Create interactive Flash presentations with webcam.
Create presentations for YouTube.
Create presentations for web pages.
Create presentations for Facebook.
Create presentations for Twitter.
Create presentations for Instagram.
Create presentations for LinkedIn.
Create presentations for Pinterest.
Create presentations for Instagram images.
Create presentations for Tumblr.
Create presentations for Vimeo videos.
Create presentations for movies on Sinemia.
Create presentations for maps on Bing Maps.
Create presentations for Google maps.
Create presentations for Instagram Live.
Create presentations for YouTube Live.
Create presentations for Twitch.
Create presentations for Mixer.
Create presentations for Vimeo.
Create presentations for Netflix.
Create presentations for Minecraft.
Create presentations for XBOX.
Create presentations for PS4.
Create presentations for Windows.
Create presentations for Mac.
Create presentations for iOS.
Create presentations for Android.
Create presentations for Kindle.
Create presentations for XBMC.
Create presentations for Steam.
Create presentations for Nextcloud.
Create presentations for Google Drive.
Create presentations for Evernote.
Create presentations for SlideRocket.
Create presentations for Slidebundle.
Create presentations for Wix.
Create presentations for Folio.
Create presentations for Canvas.
Create presentations for Notion.
Create presentations for

ISpring Suite Crack+ Free License Key [Mac/Win]

iSpring Suite is a comprehensive PowerPoint add-on that enables you to create awesome presentations, with a bundle of new functions designed to make your presentation more appealing and more interactive.

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What’s New In ISpring Suite?

The powerful tool helps create interactive presentations and books, in any format.

This product can be used as an add-on to Microsoft PowerPoint or as a stand-alone package. Its features enable you to create interactive presentations and books, in any format and on a wide variety of devices.

iSpring Suite Key Features

Add media files, narration, as well as create interactive questions,

Add interactive books, characters and Flash content,

Add quizzes and interactivities,

Create interactive presentations,

Create 3D books,

Create fun timeline,

Record voices, video presentations or add Flash or YouTube content to your slides,

Easily manage your slides, by specifying their duration, the format of each slide, as well as their type – quiz or interaction,

Create presentations with a book-like structure,

Create interactive and fun presentations,

Create educational materials, in any format, for the Web, mobile devices, iSpring Learn platforms, CDs or even in the cloud,

Multimedia presentations are becoming increasingly attractive, in order to help your students learn faster. However, those great-looking slides may become quite boring in-class, and you would want to spice them up in order to make them more interesting. This could be done by adding media, Flash content, interactive animations and other novel elements.

This PowerPoint Add-on is just the solution you need, because it brings a bundle of multimedia tools and add-ons, to create more attention-grabbing and interactive presentations. This PowerPoint Add-on works great with PowerPoint 2013, and may be downloaded from our website

When your students complete your PowerPoint presentation, you may want them to be able to access it later, in case they forget the required information. If they do, they will simply need to print it or view it online. In order to facilitate this, iSpring Suite is just the right tool that you need. Once your presentation is completed, you may easily create a PDF file, an HTML file, an interactive e-book or the whole presentation is packaged as an e-learning module, that can be accessed online.


Add narration, media files, Flash content, character animations, interactive content, quizzes, interactive books, and more,

Adding a video (Flash or YouTube)

Insert a character

Insert a movie

Insert audio notes

Record a voice

Easily manage your slides

System Requirements:

A Recommended System Configuration
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50 GHz (4.00 GHz Boost) or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290X
DirectX: Version 11 or higher
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 12 GB available space
OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit or newer, or Windows 10 64-bit
Headset: USB compatible headset with microphone

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