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MHash-384 2.0.0 Crack Free PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

Regardless of the intended purpose, encrypting files through hashing has a wide range of benefits in the programming medium, especially in terms of indexing for better retrieving, as the hashed value will be shorter than the original one.
Addressing hashing in a broader sense for the coding environment, MHash-384 will provide users with a portable, specialized hashing library, written in plain C, also accessible via a dedicated command-line front-end app.
The core library’s API is offered into two flavors: a plain C99 version and an object-oriented C++ wrapper, the library yielding 384 bit hash values.
A wide range of compilers are supported, such as MSVC++, GCC, MinGW/Cygwin and in order to implement the library into a coding environment, the “mhash384.h” header needs to be included in the corresponding block of code.
When working with the library via the command line, users can rely on a series of pre-defined options for the file inputs. The standard input will be used in case no files are specified and the digest will be written to the standard output and all error messages yielded to the standard error.
The default operation mode produces one line per inputted file, in either HEX or Base64 formats, depending on the desired results.







MHash-384 Crack Free Download [Win/Mac]

MHash-384 Download With Full Crack (intended to be portable) is a code hash library, developed with the sole purpose of offering a portable, well-documented, specialized hashing algorithm and to act as reference for those who want to roll their own code-hashing system with their programming environment.
It’s main use case is related to the hashing of the code source, with or without hashing of the associated file.
MHash-384 in a Nutshell:
MHash-384 is written in C and offers a plain C99 API, which is cross-platform, lightweight and a powerful set of functions related to hash calculation.
MHash-384’s API has both functions for hashing of different file formats, such as CMD codes and JSON files.
This implementation includes the possibility to opt for different hashing scenarios and independent from the target language, the source code is similar in both programming languages, so given that the source code is the same, as is the generated output, users will be able to dynamically generate the desired hash length according to the target.
Both HEX and BASE64 file outputs are supported for the built-in format conversion, which is of course dependent on the implementation and the target environment.
MHash-384 Commands:
hash – utility-type function for generating and reading codes hashes
hash-string – function to generate a hash from a string
hash-hex – command to convert a binary string into a hexadecimal string
hash-base64 – command to convert a binary string into a Base64 string
About the Author:
Daniel Gruini is the head of the Hashing team at Onefinestep (, a Romanian start-up developing and promoting Business Intelligence applications. He is a writer, passionate for machine learning, he is following the emerging technologies, and collaborates on some projects. He is authoring his first book series: “The business intelligence cookbook”, which will cover all the core business intelligence technologies.

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MHash-384 Crack + Free [32|64bit]

MHash-384 is a round-384 hash-based permutation and is used to derive information about an input file.
In terms of algorithm, MHash-384 is a highly compact, solid and novel hashing library, taking advantage of both the MurmurHash3 legacy and the BakeHash from MIT to perform the operations in a combined set of functions.
However, MHash-384 acts differently from other methods in which the hashing is a hard-coded value, as the hashed output will be even shorter than the MurmurHash3 output.
In this regard, MHash-384 offers the best features of both algorithms, which means it will be solid and fast, as well as highly extendable and portable.
Moreover, as soon as the library is compiled, it does not yield any dependency to any other external library or software, such as OpenSSL or the like.
Typically, hashing is used as a pre-authentication and/or encryption method, regarding the usage of a cryptographic one.
Such a way, encryption is needed to make the content random and, in the case of hashed data, random is equivalent to meaningless, as the output of a hashing process is not even remotely related to the input file, making any hint of originability unfeasible.
In addition, hashing comes handy when the input data might not be as random as desired, as it is deterministic and requires a secret key to be applied as a seed, usually stored on the system.
According to several researchers’ conclusions, the algorithms which calculate hashes are more efficient, meaning they will produce shorter outputs while sacrificing some of their properties; the hashing library under review yields a 384 bit hash value to the user.
Note that it is not the intention of MHash-384 to claim that it is the best/fastest method for hashing, instead, its role is to offer a more specific hashing method which is portable and easily portable across platforms and different programming languages.
The methodology is fully directed to a set of operations, so users will be able to use the library in their own algorithms.
This means that the code is not only ready to be used but it is also a set of functions, ready to be ported to any environment – however, it is important to note that the library was initially written to be used in C99, but it can be easily ported to the C++ environment and it is fully supported, via an extended set of command-line options, into the Visual Studio development environment

MHash-384 Crack +

All versions of MHash hashed values are 20 bytes long. This leads to a file compression ratio of 8.33%.
The implementation of the hashing algorithm is based on the SHA-256 function, which is standard in most programming environments.
Library Usage:
MHash-384 Key Features:
MHash-384 comes with a set of pre-defined functions, which include storing the hash values into a file, converting the hash values into a base64-encoded string, and outputting the hash values directly into a file.
For debugging purposes, the provided testing routine can be used to generate different inputs for an immediate and in-depth evaluation of the hashing algorithm, in addition to the default input with the aforementioned command line options.
Digests are of base64-encoded HEX32 values, as floating point numbers, and 20 bytes in size.
Implementation Requirements:
MHash-384 is a pure C implementation of the M-Hash hashing algorithm.
Standard compilers, either GCC or MSVC++, are compatible with the library, to be able to make use of the hashing functions on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows platforms.
Windows users must have mingw32-gcc installed in their computer.
MHash provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for using the hashing algorithm. Users can call the functions from the command line with the mhash384.exe, or through the C++ wrapper, with the mhash384.h header.
The mhash384.h header enables users to interface directly with the underlying hashing functions, and acquire the required implementation details through a series of enumerators.
The API functions include a set of pre-defined hashing functions, which include hashing an input, hashing a file, hashing multiple files, hashing a file, hashing multiple files and hashing multiple files and hashing a list of files.
MHash is one of the least invasive hashing libraries available, as it can be easily installed with a single header file into a user’s existing development environment.
The hash values are of base64-encoded HEX32 floating point numbers, as base64-encoded strings, which is the most widely used format for communicating over the Internet.
MHash-384 hash file formats are HEX32, BASE64 and HEX16.
Each hashing function can take a file input or a list of file inputs into account. For an input of a file, the hashing process will be performed on the

What’s New In MHash-384?

MHash-384 is a portable, stand-alone hashing library written in C.
The library yields 384 bit hash values for both plaintext files and binary data, making it completely independent from any platform and programming environment.
MHash-384 has been built to be easily accessible via an external command-line front-end app, also spanning a dedicated command line application to avoid redundant exposure of functions and parameters by the library.
A simple syntax of 1 or 2 inputted files and –result-directive sets the hashing work flow, the output to be displayed as either HEX or Base64, outputting a line per file processed.
MHash-384 supports the following options:
-in, -out, -prefix, –str1, –str2, –out64, –outHex, –prefix64, –prefixHex, –hex, –base64
-default, –nohelp, –version, –help
-debug, –stdout, –stderr
MHash-384 Changelog:
$ git log –oneline -1

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System Requirements For MHash-384:

Supported Platforms:
Wasteland 2 is designed to work with the following systems:
Macintosh | Windows
Minimum requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Core i3-3210 | Core i5-2410 | Core i5-3570 | Core i7-3770 | Core i7-3770S | Core i9-9900K
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 770 or AMD RX 460

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