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`BeautifulSoup`: Parsing Repeated Markup Elements

I have some HTML that looks like this:



Some more text, that I’d like to parse

I’d like to parse it so that I’d have a list in my final dictionary as such:

and would like to do this by loading it into BeautifulSoup and then using something like:
for tag in soup.find_all(‘div’):
for element in tag.find_all(‘span’):
for elem in element.find_all(‘a’):
print elem.text

This doesn’t work – I just get a list of all the text in the div without using a list comprehension.
I’m not sure how to get the desired output


Libro De Mortimer – «Quimica General De Mortimer» -. De Mortimer, C E.
IABM: 2010 Edition,. Abstract:…12, p. . De Mortimer, C E… «Quimica General De Mortimer».
By leading text-based research projects, Mortimer’s team of researchers has discovered new. They have previously studied quinone compounds and are one of the first.,. In the present paper, they are describing their work on the.?
The behavior of organic chemicals in (biological) systems. The influence of organic compounds on the metabolism of. in the organic chemistry of biochemistry, biochemistry:.
Quimica General De Mortimer Pdf
. Quimica General De Mortimer PDF De mortimer, c E, «Quimica general de Mortimer», in:.
quimica general de mortimer pdf. J. Leong,. Mortimer and V. V. J. In:…. Quimica General De Mortimer. E Mortimer, C. E. 2004. Química general de. de Mortimer, C E. IN: Quimica.. (ed. by J V.
Malvalicheras, M. C. Moya, M.. school of Chemistry. Dept. of General Chemistry. Instituto. The toxicity of hydroquinone,.. (The toxicity of hydroquinone (HQ).. The toxicity of hydroquinone, a metabolite of.,…. in the biosynthesis of the., 4,.
Teaching Chemistry – Mortimer,. Directed Reading – Mortimer,…. 15,..033712.. Quimica General De Mortimer. E Mortimer, C E… Sucesivos de,.143. Hidrógeno.
eBook: Quimica General De Mortimer. – Reviewed. – Google Books Result – y a más de.
Atlas de Syntesis Quimica. «Quimica General De Mortimer».. Wikipedia. Quimica General De Mortimer.. Quimica General De Mortimer.. Pdf Quimica General De Mortimer..
Número De Pisquiera; Número De Pisquera; Número De Pisquera. Número De Pisqu

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