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The theme consists of five elements, each with their own purpose. The texture is a complete work of art and takes you on a journey into the wonderful world of space. The rusted, aged look of the speaker points to the theme’s futuristic look.
The texture is a full work of art and consists of four types of textures: terrains, billboards, structures, and textures.
The textures and the sky are highly detailed and are hand painted by a professional artist. That’s right, the sky has a texture too! The colors of the sky and ground are captured and then matched exactly on your screen. And last but not least, the habitats are not only interesting but also full of life.
For you, the user, this theme is aimed at an average user that wants a clear and simple desktop. No frills, no extras, just a theme that makes you feel at home in your own space planet.
This free theme can be downloaded for free right now.

Sweet Hearts is a cute, cut and paste themed wallpaper for your Windows 7 Desktop. The delightful little girl in the yellow and green clothing is so sweet looking that we found ourselves smiling at this image all day long.
The background consists of a fairly clean background with some artful touches applied on top of it, but the pictures of the cute little girl all over the wallpaper background are somewhat “let your eye go”…
Sweet Hearts Description:
This wallpaper features a cute little girl with pink hair and yellow and green clothing. She has yellow and pink shoes on her feet. We know that’s really cute, but she really has a pink heart for a head. Our artist captured that perfectly with a cute little heart that’s right in the center of her head. This heart is slightly yellow and pink too.
The background is relatively clean, but colorful. We gave it a little more adornment by adding a girl in a yellow and green clothes and also adding a number of roses to the wallpaper background. We then added a little eye and a nose to this little sweet heart, which we thought was appropriate.
Sweet Hearts is free for you to download right now.

When you think of “green” and “Windows”, you probably don’t think of the color pink… but Pink Frog is here to tell you that we are wrong! This theme is a sweet, multi-colored frog with a green skin, pink ears, a black and white checkerboard pattern in the background and a cute green polka dot for a

Snow Planet

– 2 colored planet
– Nice, spacey desktop background and single animated planet
– 256 x 256 preview resolution
– Just click, “Run” and you’re ready to go.
– Works with any window manager
– Win7 OS specific themes. Many free applications, tweak

NanoMosaic Pro 2.6.0 is a complete rewrite of the original NanoMosaic. It has a completely new design, completely new look and feel, new system of menus, tabs and search boxes. Advanced users should take advantage of the new professional level controls! This new version is equipped with support for a large number of different modern desktop environments, such as Windows 7, Gnome, KDE, Xfce and many more.

New in version is:
* Improved the handling of GConf key: Now the change is reported immediately and the theme is switched automatically. Before, if you had changed the GConf key, you had to restart the desktop.
* An option to make the menu bar transparent has been added.
* The visual style can be configured in GConf
* The option to change the palette color to the one that is selected in the theme is added
* The message dialogs now have style.
* The visual style can now be applied to the transparency tool tip
* An option to have a different foreground color than the color button has been added
* A search box for internet results has been added
* An option to have the border of the windows less than the size of the titlebar has been added
* An option to disable the animation on resize has been added
* In the list view the maximum value is visible even if it is 2 billion or less
* The sorting in the list view has been improved
* The maximum number of rows has been increased from 30 to 2000
* The Zoom feature has been enhanced
* A hot key for the zoom in and out has been added
* The Zoom feature can now be applied to all the cells in the color palette

New in version is:
* Loading/saving support for OCIO2
* A “Toggle Fullscreen” shortcut is added
* Windows Xp style group box added
* An option to disable the window list has been added
* An option to play the audio file while the wallpaper is being changed has been added
* An option to play the music after the wallpaper is changed has been

What’s New in the Snow Planet?

In the default palette of this theme, there are two color palettes: Mars and Venus, the two basic palettes that define the bright pale green and bright pale violet colors. Other than these two, Snow Planet consists of other palettes that are also used for the various particles, clouds, snowflakes, and stars that you will see in the background. The White, Brown, and Grey are all used for the background, and for the housing units, the orange and green are used respectively. Although the transparency can vary, in general, the materials are all transparent.
The icons were arranged using a 32×32 grid, with black and white for the foreground and the background respectively, and a random color palette to define the overall color of the various icons.
This theme is a mix of all the previous skin themes’ themes, and a lot of hard work has gone into it to ensure that everything is going to be just perfect in this desktop.
This theme is licensed under a Creative Commons License. There is NO warranty included with this theme. All I can guarantee is that all my work is being done with the highest quality I can muster.
If you like this theme, and really want to support my work and the effort that I put into making it, please head over to my website and download my latest paid theme.
Snow Planet Copyright Info:
This theme is the work of Sujit Pal and is licensed under a Creative Commons License. The author can be contacted at:
Click on Snow Planet and you’ll get a small screen full of a lot of info, including the author, the license of the theme, the last update info, and a lot of important info about the author.
Please remember to rate and comment, and if you like my work, please contribute a donation so I can continue to spend my time doing what I love to do.
Click on the link below to get a step-by-step video tutorial on how to get started with this theme.
Click here for more info.Effects of ligand-induced heterogeneity on radiation damage in chromatin.
As part of an investigation of the mechanisms of radiation-induced inactivation of DNA replication (Rad), we show that the effectiveness of Rad is reduced by heterogeneity in the chromatin assembled from highly purified histones. In this model system, ionizing radiation produces a variety of lesions within different sites on the DNA molecule and leads to the formation of DNA-protein complexes.

System Requirements:

It’s been just over 4 years since the last update of Modern Warfare 2, and many things have changed. Almost all the game modes and game features have been removed. This version comes with all the new features added to the game. Modern Warfare 2 is powered by Unreal Engine 3 and runs on the latest NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.
Disclaimer: The list of supported hardware is subject to change.
Please see your operating system’s documentation for specific compatibility information.
OS: Windows XP SP2 64-bit

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