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What’s new in Version 5.0. 003. Abstract SP30. Completely new interface. . Do you know? Download Sprint-Layout v5.0. Download Sprint-Layout v5.0!. .


In Sprint-Layout 5.0, with the newer book import tool, you can. Sprint-Layout v5.0 has some bug fixes, but isn’t very responsive. .

In vba, how to insert a string into a cell if empty?

As in the title, I need to insert a string into a cell if it is empty, if not then just put some other value. I have the following code that does the job but it’s not efficient because it does the check whether it is empty then insert the string as following. Any ideas?
For example cell A1 is empty, so the formula must be replaced with “Hello”
If Range(“A1″).Value = ” ” Then
Range(“A1”).Formula = “Hello”
End If


Try this instead:
If Range(“A1”).Value vbNullString Then
Range(“A1”).Formula = “Hello”
End If

This way it does not error out if the formula is empty.

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